Rotika girls were only enough for the head

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When girls talk about "size is not important ", and "from large members it hurts " - they mean something like this kind of pattern. Most importantly, the dick is not black, but from a completely European macho. If you attach the iron part from the hammer to it, you can easily hammer a nail with such a penis, because it is no less than half a meter. He also tied the girl’s eyes, such as a surprise, so that she wouldn’t run naked right before the blowjob, forgetting her things in his apartment. A cunning plan, but she couldn’t swallow the dick further than the head of the lass - physical limitations, however, no one did.
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Nipple Lena
Nipple Lena
Fucking myself, I have not come across such great ends, 15 centimeters maximum. The boy was clearly doing some kind of operation, then he has a hefty member, much more than many blacks from famous porn films.