Orgasm of a man by lightly massaging the head with five fingers

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Whatever women say, but let them remember - masturbate, bitch, we must be able to. If you know some excellent masturbation techniques, then you can bring to the climax any, even the most callous man. This woman, for example, shows one of these - the five-finger technique. For a successful jerking off, you can even use three fingers, and the result is sometimes surprising - it took the girl less than three minutes to make her boyfriend simply end up with herself. So teach your girls and wives to properly play your dick, and you will be happy.
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Virgin barbie
Virgin barbie
I also masturbate my own, sometimes sucked, in a pussy I will give after the wedding. There was one case that a friend gave me a drink and put me in the ass, I quickly stopped him. In the video, the girl somehow weirdly masturbates, but judging by the moans of the partner, she really likes everything.