Testing the cunt bottle in local Auchan

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The tolerance of the overseas world is sometimes simply amazing. Just imagine if in our hypermarket some woman would jerk off a cucumber. At a minimum, she would have been shining an administrator for hooliganism, and maybe in a psychiatric hospital she would have been treated. But here everything is different - it's just a manifestation of their gender differences and other non-charitable crap. Two girlfriends decided to have fun in the local Auchan, first going to the champagne department and trying to sit on the bottle, and then continuing to have fun in the vegetable department. We would like to see the buyer of this cucumber.
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Pimple ass
Pimple ass
Shaw for sick women, jerking off jerking off groceries in a store, maybe some infectious or insects on their cocks, they could drive such a fuck, they could spread the infection. The guard was supposed to fuck off the crazy Germans and force them to buy spoiled food.