He wiped the dick with a torn sheet from the client’s book

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The seller with an action camera on his head takes orders. One strange girl with books came up and asked me to find information on them on the Internet. Computers are in the utility room, where they sold and called a simpleton, who agreed to go inside. There, the guy really sat down at the computer, but somehow it happened that he was sitting on a chair, and the client sucking his big cock in a closed warehouse. He took everything from the first person and even how the chick with glasses swallowed his sperm, he wiped the dick with torn sheets from her book.
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Fortunately, the bespectacled woman came into the store, did not even suspect that they would fuck her on that day. The seller quickly frowned at the whore, led into the back room and let's introduce a large member. For any now get a discount in this eatery.