Gave a drunkard sitting in the mouth

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She would like to live in Manhattan, but sits drunk on a pot with an open door, almost dropping a bottle of beer. A friend had the urge to give a woman not understanding anything in her mouth. She asked to be left alone (having warned about an extremely crap state), but the callous villain shoved a member of the girl by the mouth. He finished a girlfriend right in the mouth, and the sperm that leaked from him spilled all over on pantyhose. Once again showing a state of full drinking, the brunette sitting on the toilet began to shake off spermac with her hand on the floor. So cute, but such a drunkard, well, how so ?!
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fuck all
fuck all
bugaga, a woman of such a crouch sat down, and then he showed up to a friend of mine and let's shake a member sticking in the face. even though the bitch was drunk, but still realized that it was better to just suck than to resent and curse with a drunk partner.