Lies on me and sucks cute

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I love spending this evening with my pacifier on my belly. I put a dim light in the room, undress naked and make my girlfriend undress. Then she lies on me so that my cock is just opposite her mouth, and then I take her head and show what needs to be done now. My papilla opens her mouth and starts to swallow my boner, sucking it like a candy. I lie and get high, and she adds a hand to this as well, starting to tear me away. And then I close my eyes at the fact that my dick begins to contract from the shots of sperm in her mouth. Fucking, then for complete happiness you need to drive a beer.

The young girl does not lose time and is engaged in learning the blowjob technique, which is not so easy to recognize as later, when to surprise new guys in bed every day and bring them to orgasm. In the meantime, she does whatever she wants with her mouth with her cock and is very excited at the same time.
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The provincial go, sucks very eagerly, and the camera is not at all embarrassed. The blowjob was cool, the naked woman was jerking off too cool. Everything is logical, for the excellently rendered oral services I received a stream of warm sperm on the tongue !!