My jaw is already tired

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A certain Russian female, let's call her Galya, makes a blowjob to her roommate with her face close to the camera. He doesn’t want to finish anything and she already had to inquire, but doesn’t he want to finish already, complaining that the jaws are already tired to work? With a skillful mouth, she methodically advances to the testicles, not touching the trunk with her lips, then compresses the lips and makes the opposite movement. This is a time-consuming, but very enjoyable process, and over time, such training can increase blowjob time without downtime. The man finished right in the lady's mouth, moaning heavily.
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Dasha Bukina
Dasha Bukina
Such a beautiful member, I already drooling, most wanted to suck someone. Covering her eyes, the girl nobly swallowed the end and at the same time moaned fervently. It’s a pity that I did not see how a seductive sweetheart swallows a partner’s replacement fluid.