Burned a lesbush in a push

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Whoever said that, and nightclubs in different countries do not particularly differ among themselves in the principle and sense of spending time. Even the toilets are all here for only one thing - so that a couple closes there and supposedly secretly fucks. But in most booths, it’s not that there are very high walls, and a phone on an outstretched arm can perfectly "peep " to where you are not expecting. So the dude burned down two lesbians who arranged a trahodra right on the dirty pissed floor - they licked each other's pussies and masturbated like crazy. Under the substances, apparently.
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Snow Maiden
Snow Maiden
I’m just wondering what the man in the women's restroom was doing. Young ladies came not only to relieve themselves, but also had lesbian sex right in the toilet. And the cunning campaigner not only removed the vidos, but also masturbated to a stranger, here is a scoundrel.