Gives beloved pictures of celebrities

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It seems this pink-haired girl has found a way to diversify family life in a couple. The main difficulty is to suppress selfishness and a sense of ownership. And this is not about threesome sex at all. Knowing that the guy loves some actresses from films, she turned on a slideshow with their photos on TV and began to nadrachivat his young man, achieving the effect, as if he was masturbated by stars from the screen, and not she. Reaching the moment when the guy was already close to climax, she took a member in her mouth and completed what she started.
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Wet cutie
Wet cutie
Ahaha, as it’s all strange, she turned on the monitor photos of celebrities and let's masturbate her husband. Does it mean that a companion isn’t worth it at all, or does a woman start up when masturbating her partner and looks at take off beautiful women with big tits?