The husband almost died when he finished

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The feeling of euphoria for everyone comes in different ways. Someone almost faints. For example, like this poor fellow. He persuaded his wife for an evening blowjob in the bathroom, and received great pleasure, feeling his beloved wife leading her lips over her penis. But as soon as the climax phase began to loom, he groaned loudly, asked the narrowed one to continue and not stop, and as soon as he began to finish, he was turned to the side and swayed that he was already in another corner of the room.
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Playful lily
Playful lily
I spoil my only after salary, arrange a noble dinner, and then delight with a blowjob. Over the years, I have already learned how to suck properly, before and the teachers had not only my husband, but also friends, as well as work colleagues, yet my husband likes to suck more.