Me, my kitten and friend

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My sweet little girl begged for a long time to bring a friend or even a stranger to bed, well, I really want to try mzhm, namely, that I fucked her pussy, and she sucked someone. I had to look for a bachelor from friends and colleagues, and there was one such one, who was very surprised at the unexpected offer. He divorced just six months ago, and besides masturbation, there was no sex yet. On Friday evening, we drove home together, where the warned spouse put on the sexiest lingerie and prepared to eat. Not a woman, but gold. Wow, how many orgasms she experienced, the sensation was that it ends from simple touches, to shaking. They all agreed: my friend sucks my kitten, and I fuck, sometimes exciting her with dirty words. By night, a delicious dinner awaited, at which all three discussed the future double penetration, if any.
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Gangbang fan
Gangbang fan
My wife and I also practice group sex, though it’s good. I love to lick a point to a friend and at the same time I fuck my beloved in the mouth. In an intimate video, any swingers open, a woman is happy, her nipples are sticking out, her pussy is wet, in fact, and what else does she need.