Lover made my wife cancer

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We met our mutual friend at a corporate party with a neighboring department. Drinking with me aside, he pointed a finger at the girl and praised her figure, take a look, said what kind of nipples work here. Then he did not know that this was my wife. But soon his life will change. He is a married man, but all the time he stares at other women and Nastya is no exception. Once I invited him to visit home, have a beer and continue my acquaintance. Even then, he sensed something was wrong and began to "freeze " me at work, or maybe things just appeared, I don’t know. But, when he was called on March 8, a colleague of the spouse for some reason agreed. Already at our place I met a woman who I liked then, we told him together that we wanted him to fuck her. Oddly enough, he agreed, but asked not to show his face. Something like this video was released.
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Ballerina without panties
Ballerina without panties
I like to stand in front of my teacher with cancer. I come to personal dances without underwear, after several exercises the end of my fucker is very tense. Sex with mature is much more pleasant than with a young inexperienced friend, he can only insert and ends right away.