The couple in spite of the cold had sex on the railway

What to do when you are a poor student and you don’t have a free house, and you and your girlfriend want sex? It is winter on the streets, it’s cold, but enterprising students don’t see anything wrong with getting on a deserted railway. Big breasts of a cute girl quickly excited a guy’s cock, a blowjob on the street in winter completed the job, and she easily lowered her jeans and panties, substituting her pussy for fucking in the cold. Of course, having sex in bed is more pleasant, but what if the bed is not at hand, but you want general proximity.
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oh these extremes
oh these extremes
A merry couple, according to any of Russia. Only our compatriots can drink and have sex in winter in the snow in great frost. You can see right away a very experienced girl warmed the end with her lips and tongue and immediately framed a raw pussy.