The young nanny is forced to look not only at the child, but also to please his dad

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A young blonde who recently got into a rich family to work as a nanny is now forced to not lose such an important and convenient job for her, which is also well paid to please her boss, the father of a small child, while his wife is not at home. Of course, she simply pretends to be very indignant at the man’s behavior, in fact, the young hot crumbs really like to fuck with the boss and get a substantial increase in the allowance for this.
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Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty
If I had such a nanny hell would climb. Such a fuck is a pleasure, the legs are long, the face is beautiful, the mouth and hole are working. This and 100 bucks at a time is not a pity to pay. In the end, thick sperm on a young ass looks generally gorgeous.