Marginal acquaintances orally satisfy a drinking companion

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To drive through the whole city in the morning in order to suck out a bottle of the strong drink that their friend supplies is easy, the main thing is not to take public transport people who are intolerant of the smell of dense fumes. Marginal acquaintances of the girls today came together, they live next to each other. Before spontaneous shooting, they had already planted enough to not understand what was happening and, barely moving his tongue during a conversation, trying to caress his cock in his mouth. Svetlenka fell off almost immediately, realizing the current professional unsuitability, while the redhead decided not to stop and bring the matter to its natural end, after which she fell into the arms of her friend, who was going to go out to smoke in the courtyard of the drinking companion.
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I give in the bathroom
I give in the bathroom
fi fi, there’s absolutely no romance here, I got two girls drunk and let's show a dick. I don’t like when the men have a jungle, it’s cool to lick shaved eggs and a trunk, these chicks don’t give a damn about everything, the main thing is to drink and fuck.