Farting his wife's boobs fart

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The sound that this video starts with makes you think about the worst if you don’t look at the screen at this time. But in fact, instead of shitting on his wife’s boobs, the dude just farts in them with his mouth, which amuses his wife by no means indulging. She laughs hysterically and talks about how her friends would envy her, because she has such a variety in sex! And the guy continues to build her breasts, radiating real pleasure with his whole face - he remembers the left and the right, not a life, but a fairy tale. Maybe well, him, this sex, and this pepper is enough to pamper the milking missus?
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oh aunt and prankish, seduced young boobs. judging by the guy’s face, he wildly likes to feel the slut with lush boobs. After squeezing the little devil, the pepper bowed its head and began to very actively lick the strained female papillae.