My man does not leave me unsatisfied

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Usually a couple is either lucky to have a joint orgasm in bed, or what happens is what makes millions of women around the world sad - a husband ends, but she, alas, does not. In general, sex brings satisfaction to a woman even during the process itself, however, in the pursuit of orgasm, alas, betrayal happens - few young ladies can survive a couple of years without the highest pleasure from intercourse. So this man came up with an ingenious plan - after he had finished himself, he put his beloved in the bathroom and began to masturbate her with a dildo, until she broke out all over the bathroom.
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I am you Dimon
I am you Dimon
I was too sick to sit in quarantine at home, hacked the first video that I saw, that instead of planting a dick in a cap for a heifer, the freak just decided to masturbate to a woman. Soon I liked everything and so nobly distorted what was happening, there was a lot of sperm)))