Non-acidic wins off rape

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As always, having come home from work to her private home in the evening, the blonde washes herself before going to bed and having dinner. Leaning to wash herself, she lifted her head and screamed heart-rendingly. Behind was a stranger in a black mask, abruptly attacking the victim. This rapist penetrated into the house, having previously learned that the mistress lives alone. None of the neighbors heard wild cries without asking for help, the hostess simply screamed from hopelessness, although they covered her mouth with her hand. The video consists of abrupt changes of personnel, at the end of her type they killed, but this is not at all true, just the young lady plays the role of rape sourly.
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It is clear that everything has been played up, but why, is it exciting? I think with a normal approach, any girl and woman is ready to surrender herself, and for this, courtship and gifts are absolutely not needed. And so coercive sex is possible and like all sorts of perverts.