A real meeting of Russian swingers

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Renting an apartment with strangers for a night for foursomes is not such a good idea as it might seem at first glance. It seems that everything went perfectly, but after a couple of weeks they are already looking at their fucking bodies. And okay, this time it was lucky that the wives and husbands are aware of this event (in fact, this is the very idea of swinging), and in fact it is possible to burn down with your mistress at a time. So be careful, our dears. Well, today you can enjoy our amateur quartet right here, filmed on a hidden camera in the apartment.
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Zhenya the nerd
Zhenya the nerd
I’m sitting in quarantine, watching porn on this site, jerking off all cool, group sex is generally excellent. it’s fun to see couples fucking. Nobody has given me yet, everything is ahead, and then you can distort for this cool stuff.