Spontaneously with an orgasm

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The blonde decided to squirt at all costs. This meant only one thing - you have to sweat a lot. Sitting comfortably in a chair in front of the fireplace, the girl began to groove her pussy with such thoroughness that in ancient times they did not get fire with a stick and stone. The camera almost did not have time to catch the intensity and speed of masturbation, and finally, this moment came - the fountain of the squirt fell from the pussy onto the floor, washing everything off its path - the goal was achieved. It remains only to find out why she had black tape glued on her ass ...
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I, too, will experience a squirt during masturbation, but in men I just end up, I don’t even know why. Maybe they pay little attention to the clitoris and moist labia. The young girl warmed herself so famously that she managed to finish in a few minutes.