Husband on a business trip, wife on whores

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As soon as the roommate stepped over the threshold, having left on a business trip, his beloved was already fucking with huyasty friends, having arranged an interracial group sex. She doesn’t get as much pleasure with her husband as she does with these two on whores, and after sex they always have a small noisy party, but each time the brunette excuses her husband with the arrival of girlfriends, and the neighbors say nothing, although they saw these guys many times, and earlier and others. The beautiful girl adores thick members and when one of them is inside, she involuntarily dies moaning, rolling her eyes. She also loves doggystyle, all the more so convenient to suck a friend while the other fucks from the back.
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I also have a constant lover, and that my husband does not know, maybe he has someone. It's nice when two partners like you at once. My husband fucks me at night, but during the day I spread my legs in front of my friend, and you should not consider me a whore. I just enjoy life.