Husbands come and go, and lovers for life

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The woman, of course, takes a fierce risk by fucking with two bulls in her husband’s apartment. But it is certainly worth it - the husband will never allow a threesome situation. Yes, and divorced himself - who the fuck is this? Therefore, the spouse simply does not have a choice, and she wants to fuck with more than one guy more than her life, because in this situation, she automatically opens up the possibility of double penetration. Because although she is not a lover of anal sex, no one will refuse such bald pleasure. So today, unbeknownst to the hubby, the whore lies under two blockheads, groaning two cocks from the buzz.
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Wet cat
Wet cat
Often I meet with my husband’s friends and give them hot group sex. The lady from the video is also well done, not only cheerfully sucks partners, but agrees to double penetration, the cheat nicely relaxed, well, judging by her piercing moans.