Got jerked while the washing machine makes a noise nearby

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Not waiting for everyone to fall out of the house, the Russian girl closed in the bathroom crouching on the floor next to the washing machine. She turned on and threw underwear, which does not cause suspicion among households. There is plenty of time to fool around. Under the arm fell bottles, which turned out to be a good substitute for a dildo. This is evidenced by a couple of jets that burst during the orgasm of a home masturbator. It’s also impossible to moan, therefore the handsome man breathes heavily from the strongest excitement along with a noisy washing machine, afraid to break into a real loud moan, and, as you know, sounds are more audible from the tile on the walls - the reflection goes towards the door.
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There is nothing shameful in this, I often masturbate the pussy with my fingers, sometimes there are also improvised means. I think this is much better than 2-minute sex with an inexperienced partner. I know very well what I want and therefore end very emotionally.