Wife in a slender ass

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Dimmed light, long pile terry carpet, white leather sofa. The young slender wife has already undressed, got cancer and is ready to take in her husband’s erect penis, for this purpose massaging her pussy so that there is more lubrication. And she did come in handy - her husband energetically entered her from behind, and having slightly dragged a member into the vagina, he rather switched to a more interesting hole in the form of an anal. The girl dutifully took a dick in her ass and kept fit until the moment that sperm already flowed out of her hole.
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Marmalade Lariska
Marmalade Lariska
Although anal sex is not disgusting to me, I try to deal with it as little as possible. A friend often uses my drunken state, at first he treats him with vodka, undresses, and kisses his ass. It becomes so nice that I can no longer control myself and allow to insert between the buttocks.