Blonde with tape on the ass fucks cancer in anal

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Today, a young man is visited by an unusual prostitute, but just a whore with a big ass that is ready for anything. For example, to have sex in the ass, which has long been working, skillful and always ready to let in a new one, not even for the money that is customary to pay to prostitutes, but for unusual pleasure. It allows you to simply tear your anus with a member as a man desires, and so that it would be even more fun she does not mind pasting her ass with tape and making a couple of inscriptions with a marker on her back, which is actively bent during sex.
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I remember such an incident was, I got drunk with a colleague at work, led to the office and offered anal sex. Instead of preparing the ass to lick and masturbate, the partner just fucked me in a tough form without lubrication, so to say it was very cool.